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Written on July 2, 2018   By   in entertainment

Screens are very much a part of everybody’s everyday life. From the TV to Smart Phones and computers, people spend a lot of their life looking at screens. Most Venues have TV’s on
their walls to fill the “social gaps” for people on a night out but most often they are just background “noise” with little thought as to what is on them.

Just as video attracts and retains an audience, so to do venues need to attract patrons and keep them in the venue for the night. Once venue only channels like sky sports attracted
patrons to Venues, but the later wide availability of sky sports on Foxtel pretty much ended that.

Venues need to look at TV entertainment that is unique and tailored specifically to venues and the particular viewing needs of people in the venue environment. Video and venues
can work together to retain an audience of patrons throughout the night.

A small number of venues have already recognised this need and try to provide something similar themselves in amongst a busy schedule often including live Entertainment. Lets
face it: you are in the business of running a venue, we are the skilled professionals that can provide unique video content your patrons will not be able to simply switch on at home
(they will need to come to your venue to see it). For a simple monthly fee let us do what we do best and work with you in partnership to give your patrons the best nights out.

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