New Release: EP33 Band of Holy Joy – Easy Listening

Band Of Holy Joy Easy Listening

Pre-order CD in wallet with 20 page booklet here.

Releases February 24th 2014

Showing great style in the older districts of melancholy and ruin…

It starts with hushed lullaby tones, gentle plucked violins, fragile guitar and the shadow of a bird in flight before exploding into thick saxophones, cavernous drums, fleeting electronics, string swells and troubled souls burning through the night to the sound falling cows in Dalston Kingsland. Will These Things See You Right opens Band of Holy Joy’s latest greatest album Easy Listening – a set that finds Johny Brown’s ragamuffin street warriors hit yet another artistic peak – a rejuvenated collective on a relentless mission. Away from the complex conceptual conceits of How to Kill a Butterfly and the raging Casio trauma of City of Tales, Easy Listening has a defiantly old –school manifesto – a beautiful collection of brilliantly sculpted, profoundly resonant, captivating, thrilling, devastating SONGS…

So we move through the destructive magic of George Best (When a Gift is a Curse) to the death of Ian Tomlinson (in a harrowing radically revised version of Met Police Tried to Hide PC’s Disciplinary Record) to lonely late night observations on London buses. Always open to the fullness of life, Band of Holy Joy are never ones to merely wallow and Easy Listening also finds the group in extremely playful mode as Open the Door to Your Heart swerves around a totally unique DIY Sci-Fi northern soul planet with some truly cyborg-bliss backing vocals. All of this culminates though in the most epic song of their entire career, the monumental and divine Train Ride to Another Place – nine minutes of reflection, redemption and a triumphant YES to life – weeping strings, plangent guitar, insectoid electronics a huge locked groove, sha la la la la’s as we all choose live to kick through another day.

There is still only one Band of Holy Joy and here they are at their finest.


In honour of the release they are playing a short string of dates around the north of England and Scotland in the same week.

Thursday 27th Feb – Leeds Brudenell Social Club
Friday 28th Feb – Edinburgh Neu Reekie
Saturday 1st Mar – Glasgow King Tuts Wah Wah Hut
Sunday 2nd Mar – Newcastle Cluny 2

Band of Holy Joy:
Johny Brown Lyrics and vocals
Chris Brierley Strings
James Stephen Finn Guitars, synthesizers, piano, organ, backing vocals and bass guitar on ‘Weird Beautiful Time’
Conor Harrington Bass guitar
William Lewington Drums, percussion and backing vocals
Peter Smith Saxophones, organ, percussion and backing vocals
Kacper Ziemianin Electronics
Inga Tillere Photography, design and visuals

Additional musicians:
Kate Arnold Hammer dulcimer and backing vocals
Jon Clayton Cello
Graham Dowdall Electronic percussion
Jen Macro Backing vocals
Lucy Parnell Backing vocals
Peter Robinson Trumpet

All songs written, arranged and performed by Band Of Holy Joy,
except ‘Open The Door To Your Heart’ written by D. Banks and D.Elbert.
Produced by Jon Clayton and Band Of Holy Joy.
Recorded and mixed at One Cat.
Mastered at Trace Recordings by Mark Beazley.
Logistical visions Tim Melia

Schema Film Video for Behind the Laburnum

I’ve been saying this for years and will continue to do so until I draw my last breath. Scott Byrne is a genius.

Behind the Laburnum features on Michael D Donnelly’s I’ve Come to Love You Forever which you can buy here.

NEWS: Band of Holy Joy album & tour!


The Band Of Holy Joy release a new album called Easy Listening via Exotic Pylon Records on 24 February 2014. In honour of the release they are playing a short string of dates around the north of England and Scotland in the same week.

Thursday 27th Feb – Leeds Brudenell Social Club

Friday 28th Feb – Edinburgh Neu Reekie

Saturday 1st Mar – Glasgow King Tuts Wah Wah Hut

Sunday 2nd Mar – Newcastle Cluny 2


NEW RELEASE: EP31 Dolly Dolly – Antimacassar

EP31 Antimacassar

November 21st on CD and download. Pre-order here.

“England my England / You flickering island of endlessness upon endlessness / A cold mist of your fibrous trolleys stifles the sun/ and the arrow aimed at your heart fidgets with smoky spasms”

Exotic Pylon is overwhelmingly thrilled to present something very different and very special – the long-awaited debut album from a true original: Antimacassar by Dolly Dolly.

Dolly (sometimes known as David Yates) is a Berkshire-based spoken-word artist, poet, events curator, radio playwright and belongs in the lineage of British surrealists. Antimacassar’s twisted insights were created via a process of cut-ups, automatic writing, and dream diaries channelling the skewed atmospherics of such luminaries as David Gascoyne and Roland Penrose after a collision with the Beats. At turns playful, darkly whimsical, disorientating and sharp Dolly Dolly’s words and voices destabilise familiar scenes into overcast alien shapes. Imagine if Tom Baker’s Tardis became a Stone Tape jukebox…

Aiding and abetting Dolly on this maiden voyage are some of the finest artists from the UK underground:  Ekoplekz, Position Normal, Moon Wiring Club, Regal Worm (an offshoot of I Monster), Time Attendant, Steve Christie and Language, Timothy!

Dolly Dolly recently featured in Mark Fisher and Justin Barton’s On Vanishing Land. You can catch the two extraordinary radio productions he created for Resonance FM‘s Weird Tales for Winter here.

NEW RELEASE: EP22 Michael D Donnelly – I’ve Come to Love You Forever

EP22 I've Come To Love You Forever

Releases 28th November on CDr and download. Pre-order here.

I’ve Come to Love You Forever is the strangely beautiful debut album from Michael D Donnelly (Delicate Awol, Rothko, Elite Barbarian) which melts down early Jah Wobble, Dickie Landry, Archie Shepp, My Bloody Valentine, Stephen Mallinder, Kevin Drumm, Autechre and a host of others to sculpt an addictively original, largely instrumental sound world.

Utilising bass guitar (deployed in a variety of different modes), synthesiser, cheap kids keyboards, various percussion (cattle bells, thumb piano, glock) drum machine, sampler and found sounds the end result is a haunting slab of rust-coloured brittle cinematic post-rock – a lone British Tortoise rewired for a cybergothic post-Terminator landscape. Sinister, exploratory and spacious with a paradoxically clattering liquid production I’ve Come to Love You Forever sees Donnelly assert himself as a truly distinctive voice.

Michael D Donnelly played bass with Delicate Awol from 2000 to 2003  before joining the second version of Rothko with founder member Mark Beazley and Tom and Ben Page (now of Rocketnumbernine and also ex of Delicate Awol) until they disbanded in 2010. During this time he also joined Ben Page in Elite Barbarian releasing their debut album on Front & Follow.

Begun in 2011, the album was recorded in Mile End and mixed by Donnelly and Mark Beazley in Walthamstow with Mark contributing bass to some of the tracks.

The album will be preceded with a mind-wrecking piece of animation by Scott Byrne of Schema Film for Behind the Laburnum

NEW RELEASE: EP30 Kemper Norton – Carn


28th November 2013 on CD and download. Pre-order here.

Carn is the startling new album from Kemper Norton and something we hold to be an entirely unique artistic vision.

Born of personal experience and “based around two uncanny experiences I had at two different locations – one in Cornwall, one in Sussex…” Carn’s self-defined slurtonic world encompasses drone, glitch, drift, folk song and divine melody. These 12 hypnotic investigations occupy a unique emotional landscape where the uncanny melts into a wide-eyed surrender of moment and memory and even those darker shadows are bathed in a sidereal halo of warm light. A mixture of traditional and synthetic utilising laptop, harmonium, voice, Casio and found sound Carn is the sound of the children of Coil reaching maturity…

Kemper Norton was recently interviewed by The Quietus and was part of a major feature in The Wire last year with Hacker Farm and IX Tab (audio here and PDF available on request).

Carn follows on from the highly acclaimed Rough Music EP on Front & Follow (as part of the Collision / Detection series) and a much lauded appearance on the recent Outer Church compilation (Kemper Norton having appeared live at The Outer Church on many occasions). He has also prepared a remix for the new cassette from OC supremo Joseph Stannard aka Canonbury.

Kemper Norton will be launching the album with a live appearance at Catch! Bar in Shoreditch London on Wednesday November 13th alongside Slow Listener and further acts to be confirmed. Tickets available here.

Exotic Pylon Radio Show Tonight


9pm Resonance 104.4 FM

The final show in this series features a burst of sound from me, a re-airing of a magnificently stark and eerie live session from Slow Listener and the debut transmission from Canadian trio Carbon Paycheque who present 30 minutes of strung-out sci-fi fog beats.

STATEMENT: Carbon Paycheque session and public debut.
‘Big Time Tonight’ session was recorded live at home Thursday 10th October 2013. Everything is original material.

NEW RELEASE: EP26 Sophie Cooper – Labyrinth


Releases 14th November 2013 on split-colour cassette and digital.

Where the intimate becomes alien – 9 postcards from the kitchen Lynch edge, angular DIY sketches that twist into the ethereal, strange-town budget pop transmissions through the looking glass…

Sophie Cooper is a musician from Stoke on Trent who now lives in West Yorkshire and Exotic Pylon is thrilled to be releasing her first cassette. Labyrinth inhabits a parallel sonic world universe to Pram – a sometimes menaced sometimes melancholy always warm world where clattering chaos and tender ambience serenely nestle within a secretive lo-fi production. With keys, guitar, tape, electronics, noise and sublimely captivating vocals Sophie presents 9 songs that blur late-night streets with ever unfolding internal alleyways as the world collapses in on itself and becomes dreamlike…

Sophie has been a member of, The Stoke on Trent Wind Orchestra, Cooper Jones, Leopard Leg, Tom Cool, Wing Horses, Remedial Queen of England and The A Band. Other musics include recorded duos with Ben Nash, Billy AB and a collaborative live project called Gals with Guitars.

“The truth is out there, deep in my red heart: Manchester / Brighton / Stoke on Trent / London / Jakarta”

Check Sophie’s website here.

Written & Recorded by Sophie Cooper 
“Sexy Sexy Sexy George” features samples from Cooper’s jams with Mette Mareridt recorded in Copenhagen December 2011. 
Mastered by Andie Brown 
Cover by Audrey La Delfa 
Inner illustration and design by Jake Blanchard


Exotic Pylon Radio Show streams…

Here are 3 of the streams so far – by the end of tomorrow I should have the lot up there and I’ll add playlists etc…

Don’t forget to catch tonights show at 9pm on Resonance 104.4 FM

2nd September 2013

16th September 2013

30th September 2013

NEW RELEASE: EP28 Canonbury – The Knock of the Shoe

EP28 The Knock of the Shoe

Released on Halloween 2013. Pre-order the limited edition cassette here.

Canonbury is the semi-dormant alter ego of Joseph Stannard (The Outer Church). The original tracks (1-9) were produced between 2006-2007 with some adjustment in 2012. The Knock of the Shoe launches on on Halloween 2013 and features versions by Anna Meredith, Hacker Farm, The House in the Woods, Kemper Norton, Old Apparatus, Ship Canal and Black Mountain Transmitter.

You walk into the pounding din of a tent that hums with fresh rain and mud. There’s something behind you coiling in from the moors, by some feat of electronic alchemy the beat passes through but it’s trying to intone something that’s unclear.

You’re transported to a room where antiquated hardware blips and chords illuminate out of a cloud of dry ice. Hurtled back into the centre of the room, a corroded piano string sings a lyrical, lyricless air, accompanied by a small chorus of vaporous synths. A portent voice calls from the centre of the room, there is an emergency. A revolving loop addresses the room like a siren. The siren transports you to a concrete clearing awash with artificial noise, there’s something shuffling just out of earshot. Unidentified objects swim around and above. The siren becomes an ominous drone, the sound of slow moving metal on barricading fences encloses the clearing.

A wind whistles through the cement and warbled waves of muffled radio announcements and jingle fragments reach you in an attempt to communicate a warning. Unseen souls hack at the surrounding walls as the chant of an FM signal pursues any available mode of message. Finally, something is delivered through a clipped Morse code, but left truncated, encrypted and undeciphered.
Amanda Feery