Exotic Pylon Radio Show Tonight


9pm Resonance 104.4 FM

The final show in this series features a burst of sound from me, a re-airing of a magnificently stark and eerie live session from Slow Listener and the debut transmission from Canadian trio Carbon Paycheque who present 30 minutes of strung-out sci-fi fog beats.

STATEMENT: Carbon Paycheque session and public debut.
‘Big Time Tonight’ session was recorded live at home Thursday 10th October 2013. Everything is original material.

NEW RELEASE: EP26 Sophie Cooper – Labyrinth


Releases 14th November 2013 on split-colour cassette and digital.

Where the intimate becomes alien – 9 postcards from the kitchen Lynch edge, angular DIY sketches that twist into the ethereal, strange-town budget pop transmissions through the looking glass…

Sophie Cooper is a musician from Stoke on Trent who now lives in West Yorkshire and Exotic Pylon is thrilled to be releasing her first cassette. Labyrinth inhabits a parallel sonic world universe to Pram – a sometimes menaced sometimes melancholy always warm world where clattering chaos and tender ambience serenely nestle within a secretive lo-fi production. With keys, guitar, tape, electronics, noise and sublimely captivating vocals Sophie presents 9 songs that blur late-night streets with ever unfolding internal alleyways as the world collapses in on itself and becomes dreamlike…

Sophie has been a member of, The Stoke on Trent Wind Orchestra, Cooper Jones, Leopard Leg, Tom Cool, Wing Horses, Remedial Queen of England and The A Band. Other musics include recorded duos with Ben Nash, Billy AB and a collaborative live project called Gals with Guitars.

“The truth is out there, deep in my red heart: Manchester / Brighton / Stoke on Trent / London / Jakarta”

Check Sophie’s website here.

Written & Recorded by Sophie Cooper 
“Sexy Sexy Sexy George” features samples from Cooper’s jams with Mette Mareridt recorded in Copenhagen December 2011. 
Mastered by Andie Brown 
Cover by Audrey La Delfa 
Inner illustration and design by Jake Blanchard


Exotic Pylon Radio Show streams…

Here are 3 of the streams so far – by the end of tomorrow I should have the lot up there and I’ll add playlists etc…

Don’t forget to catch tonights show at 9pm on Resonance 104.4 FM

2nd September 2013

16th September 2013

30th September 2013

NEW RELEASE: EP28 Canonbury – The Knock of the Shoe

EP28 The Knock of the Shoe

Released on Halloween 2013. Pre-order the limited edition cassette here.

Canonbury is the semi-dormant alter ego of Joseph Stannard (The Outer Church). The original tracks (1-9) were produced between 2006-2007 with some adjustment in 2012. The Knock of the Shoe launches on on Halloween 2013 and features versions by Anna Meredith, Hacker Farm, The House in the Woods, Kemper Norton, Old Apparatus, Ship Canal and Black Mountain Transmitter.

You walk into the pounding din of a tent that hums with fresh rain and mud. There’s something behind you coiling in from the moors, by some feat of electronic alchemy the beat passes through but it’s trying to intone something that’s unclear.

You’re transported to a room where antiquated hardware blips and chords illuminate out of a cloud of dry ice. Hurtled back into the centre of the room, a corroded piano string sings a lyrical, lyricless air, accompanied by a small chorus of vaporous synths. A portent voice calls from the centre of the room, there is an emergency. A revolving loop addresses the room like a siren. The siren transports you to a concrete clearing awash with artificial noise, there’s something shuffling just out of earshot. Unidentified objects swim around and above. The siren becomes an ominous drone, the sound of slow moving metal on barricading fences encloses the clearing.

A wind whistles through the cement and warbled waves of muffled radio announcements and jingle fragments reach you in an attempt to communicate a warning. Unseen souls hack at the surrounding walls as the chant of an FM signal pursues any available mode of message. Finally, something is delivered through a clipped Morse code, but left truncated, encrypted and undeciphered.
Amanda Feery

Exotic Pylon Radio Show TONIGHT

Tonight at 9pm on Resonance 104.4 FM.

Sonic giraffe in a glass bottle.


Radio – Monday 2nd September


YES tonight we re-launch at our spiritual home Resonance 104.4 FM for a 6 week blitzkrieg. CD’s vinyl tapes and computer, microphones outside, live interventions, studio desk as instrument – unmanaged chaos with announcements – in the moment collapse drift decay destroy…

I’ll drop the links here soon after…


EP27 John Cohen – Deaf Arena

EP27 John Cohen

Pre-order here.

Ex of Brighton and now based in Berlin, John Cohen has been recording and performing as half of Dead Fader since 2010 and has released music on labels like Tigerbeat6, 3by3 and Robot Elephant. His first solo release was a DVD on the Broken 20 label.

A haunting collection of abrasive electronic noise shot through with equal parts hypnotic vitriol and poignant melodicism Deaf Arena is John’s debut full-length album and is available as a limited CD in gatefold card wallet with 4 page booklet.

The album was mastered by Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique) and features vocals by M. Mariner on the title piece and boasts what has to be one of the tracks of the year with Human Distortion.


Like a contact mic’d ageless woodcut of just-post-feudal spiritual ritual, the whiteout drudge and dang of mud caked fertility dances dreamt up by the some windswept, blotchy cheeked Dungeons and Dragons mesiter whose basement hovel sprawls beneath yet another godawful Berlin video artists medicinally white-walled studio apartment. Keep hearing descending washes of snow-tone squeal every time they put the tap on. Must get that fixed. Roasted to within an inch of its life. Early Loefah cd-r’s indigested through Pat Maherr’s ’95 knockoff walkman. Whitechapel smog fantasias. Franz Kline’s pet slug. Had their first real taste of a rave culture cruelly snatched away from them by nepotism and “professionals”. Eternity in a shipyard. Equator thick line of asbestos. Lawrence and Wishart, 1956. Just because the church organist believes all that shit doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of total baws-oot oversharing. We’ve all said things we regret. Far too beautiful for the internet.
Daniel Baker (Hand Loom Lament)

LIVE: The Lord / oMMM / Shape Worship – August 20th

THIS coming Tuesday at Catch Shoreditch. Tickets £4 from here.


The House in the Woods – Bucolica

Street Date: September 30th 2013
Catalogue Number: EP29
Pre-order here.

EP29 Cover small

The House in the Woods is Martin Jenkins who also records as Pye Corner Audio and has released albums on Ghost Box, Further Records, Type and Tapeworm to great critical acclaim. Bucolica is the debut release under this name.

False awakening # 129: Hovering above a Druidic rave that’s happening a thousand miles away. Ears to the ground.

I didn’t mention dreams. This isn’t ethereal. People will tell you it is, but it isn’t. It’s what happens behind your eyes and underneath your feet at a rate of constant geological and galactic knots a million times per second. Nothing concrete, everything becoming.

When you play it loud, it’s totally out of your control. This primordialism wants to be your mate though. It’s the dreg-ends of a post club coping session between you and your very closest friends. It’s the only bloke left who can skin up with small papers. Your very own Amun.

Romantic! That’s what it is. The kindly warden of a secret moon based otter sanctuary embracing the shimmering vitality of colour. Amid the cosmic thanklessness of nature’s brutishness, it emerges from a clearing, all bleary eyed and hopeful. 
Daniel Baker (Hand Loom Lament)

Track Listing:
Severton Pathway
Untitled Blackniss
Sunlight on Rusting Hulk
Dark Lanterns
Mountains of the Sea
Half Glimpsed
The Rain Washed Away




Hoofus CD