NEW RELEASE: EP11 Time Attendant – Tournaments

AS might be deemed suitable considering this is the Time Attendant, EP11 has now dropped before EP’s 09 and 10 both of which follow shortly….

BUT here we are… the magisterial Tournaments

Side 1:
Visored Viscount (4.10)
Wisteria of Albion (3.40)
Side 2:Sanguine Campaigner (4.37)
Burgundy Pavilion (6.14)
Exclusive download with Vinyl

After several years of intensive radio and gig improvisation and a string of self-released CDr’s, Exotic Pylon Records is thrilled to present the official debut release from Deptford-based painter and musician Paul Snowdon aka Time Attendant. Available on limited 12” (with an exclusive download that highlights the breadth of Paul’s unique compositional power) or digital, Tournaments was mastered by Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique) and features extensive sleeve notes by Kek-w (Hacker Farm). Ian Hodgson (aka Moon Wiring Club) designed the sleeve from an original painting by Paul and has produced a wonderously trippy video for Wisteria of Albion. jonny mugwump.

Excerpts from Medievalism in Modern Electronic Music

“I mean, let’s be honest: it didn’t take long – a mere twenty years, thirty at the most; a short hop, skip and a jump in cultural terms – for electronic music to strip-mine itself of its own Futurity and Otherness. But turn your back and wait long enough, and not only does the New become the Old, but the Old eventually reconfigures itself into an Exotic Misremembered New…

At points the music rises up: sounds fall into line, march forward like a ragged, half-starved army recruited from local villagers, hinting at some common cause or an unspoken ideal worth dying for… But Time Attendant keeps a tight rein on the production, avoids the easy allure of bombast: Grandeur and pomp are suggested rather than fully embraced, so that Tournaments often feels like a proles-eye view of the world – it projects the idea of a better life, a future that has still yet to come into being; gives us glimpses of polished steel lying half-buried beneath the mud.
…the pieces on Tournaments are dirty, malnourished and riddled with superstition and disease. Fuck the gleaming spires of Camelot, this is the e-musik equivalent of Don Quixote or John Boorman’s Excalibur…
And somehow, incredibly – impossibly – the spectre of Acid House seems to hang over this music like a pall of woodsmoke. Vague, almost indeterminate, but a presence nevertheless.

Acid House: ancient, arcane, post-physical now, a half-remembered idea, a Future that somehow got turned into a Past. And then the two of them – the Future and the Past – coming together here, meeting, commingling inside a mixing-desk – inside Time Attendant’s mind – inverting and reinventing themselves as new Pasts, new Futures…”
Kek-w, Goar Knap / Yeovil. Maye Daye, 1327, Common Acid Era. (full notes  here)

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