EP05 Gentleforce – Looking Through New Window

The next release on Exotic Pylon Records is a gorgeous live mini-album by Gentleforce.

Street Date – 26th March 2012 - Ltd. Cassette & Digital Download.

You can PRE-ORDER the VERY limited cassette from our Greedbag store here.

Here is an excerpt from the EPR Soundcloud page that you are welcome to share with the world…

And here is another excerpt from the Gentleforce Soundcloud page:

Release Notes:
My youngest child had a Gentleforce t-shirt by the time he was 3 months old. Sacred Spaces was the second album he ever heard (the first? Coil presents Time Machines). It was one of only a handful of records in those first days of his life that he understood, that hummed with the same rhythmic shifts as his emergence. He wasn’t quite in the world yet but this music eased his passage, settled him. He never slept but he listened and at heinous hours, as the clocks dripped and we all fell in and out of consciousness, Gentleforce played out, over and over, keeping everyone calm. This is music that will, for me, always be associated with the slow, Eternal time between 3 AM and sunrise; it’s music for dawnings, for new beginnings, for Terence Malick films. It’s a resolutely benevolent kind of music, perfect for babies and munkins and lost boys recovering from their acid supping. Gentleforce is cosmic music via Kepler; music that works in spheres, that unfolds gently, that announces itself by absence; of inferior beasts, of dissonant planes. Even the name is perfect; this gentle force, this incline, this guiding hand. More people need this music than realise it. Listen, learn, make the t-shirt.
Loki (An Idiot’s Guide to Dreaming)

Looking Through New Window (a live piece) was recorded, mixed and mastered November 2010. The piece was created for Refraction at Serial Space. Gentleforce is Eli Murray.

Here is some live footage of Eli from The Vortex last year (from the Exotic Pylon Youtube Channel) – don’t let they typically naff sound quality and dull-ass static camera put you off the sublime sounds within…

Gentleforce: Website
Gentleforce: Facebook
Gentleforce: Twitter

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