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Gemini Video

A thing of wonder directed by James Stringer of Quantum Natives.

Gemini Video & Full Stream

FACT Magazine are running a full single stream for EP07 as well as embedding James Stringer’s extraordinary new video for the single here.

Please head over and click like etc. etc. and help the trio go supernova.


Vindicatrix Mirrors remix on Colony chart

Gentleforce charted with Colony last month and this month Vindicatrix’s remix of Gemini Enjoy My Life is enjoying a sexy number 7 position here.

Dedicated to underground raving with dark atmospheric leanings, Colony are basically well cool and have been really supportive of the label but regardless of that they’re working subtly at the margins and deserve a ton of support.

Cheers all!

Maria & the Mirrors on Boomkat

Here. I gotta say that i do like the bit about Atari Teenage Riot having a demon, Hi-NRG lovechild with Chris & Cosey.

You can always trust Exotic Pylon to deliver music that’s pretty much as strange and unclassifiable as we get on the tables here at Boomkat HQ, and Maria & The Mirrors might be their weirdest to date. Like Atari Teenage Riot having a demon, Hi-NRG lovechild with Chris & Cosey, ‘Gemini Enjoy My Life’ is a terrifying journey through brothel-laced electro punk, but with the kind of production you’d more likely find on a Downwards 12” from 1998. It’s propulsive, oily and frankly great – not for all, but then none of the best things are, right?

EP07 & EP08 updates

VINYL! it sounds great, looks great and never turns up when it’s meant to!

Maria & the Mirrors – Gemini Enjoy My Life will be in stores from May 21st and you can pre-order here.

Band of Holy Joy – Wyrd Beautiful Thyme will also be in stores from May 21st and you can pre-order that here.

TONIGHT in Dalston!

Dalston Power Lunches – 8pm

Launch party for Maria & the Mirrors – Gemini Enjoy My Life

post Caribbean holocaust of disco

“That awesome cyberdog bass charging through your chest like a viagra rhino whilst little cocktails of voice trickle the ears in some post Caribbean holocaust of disco…”

Rotten Meats does Maria & the Mirrors right here.

Maria & the Mirrors

SERIOUSLY, i’m hemorrhaging joy on this one!

DROPS: 21st May 2012: Pre-order here.

Maria & the Mirrors are a London-based FFM trio who subvert the frantic overload of power electronics, dancehall and noise by injecting it with a luridly wasted shot of exotic glamour.

Collaborating with Mark Rutherford (one half of Kodiak, the Numbers-signed future-flash electronic duo who scored a hit with the celebrated Spreo Superbus earlier this year) Gemini Enjoy My Life is the follow-up to last year’s acclaimed Travel Sex EP and significantly up’s the production value of that raw blast whilst simultaneously pushing their noise to the point of rupture. It’s pure bliss-panic, sirens and sub-bass – an extreme carnivalesque collapse that will take your head off. Mudchute on the flip is, frankly, fucking terrifying – a possible nervous breakdown in the dancehall, a relentless pulverising captivating explosion of gabba gamelan and banshee anguish. In stark and surprising contrast Vindicatrix turns out a beautifully understated acid-house remix of the A-side as an exclusive download with the 12”.

Single Launch Party: 27th April 2012 – London, Dalston – Power Lunches
LIVE: Cut Hands, Maria & the Mirrors, The Lowest Form, Peepholes
DJ: Kodiak, Vindicatrix, Todd Hart, Jamie Upton, Brood Ma, No
Tickets: Here                                                              

HERE are some videos – 2 clips of the band live and the crazed orgiastic overload  of a video for Travel Sex.

2011 saw Maria & the Mirrors release their EP ‘Travel Sex’ to favourable hysterics from NME, Wire & the Quietus, tour Europe, play at Ray Davies’ Meltdown Festival, open the Postmodernism exhibition at London’s V&A Museum & get nominated for Best Electro Act 2011 in the inaugural Artrocker Awards. Their eclectic sound has been influenced by acts such as Throbbing Gristle, DAF & Lady Saw & likened to contemporaries such as Gang Gang Dance & OOIOO. Pending 2012 performances include Faust’s Avantgarde Festival (June) and Holland’s Incubate Festival (September).

Maria & the Mirrors feature:
Relentless double drum kit set up
Shards of piercing taped found sounds hanging off a Diwali riddim
Strikingly transportative fem vox
Harsh Industrial textures harnessed to an whirlwind mix of danceable styles – always banging.