New Release: EP35 IX Tab – R.O.C.

EP35 R.O.C.

Releases October 20th on CD with 16 page booklet and download.
Pre-order from Greedbag here.

R.O.C. is the sequel to 2012’s Spindle & the Bregnut Tree, the exquisitely commanding debut album from IX Tab, the solo project of the perfectly monikered Saxon Roach. IX Tab is a Paganistic sound portal opened in the West Country hinterlands – a landscape that has also thrown us the likes of Hacker Farm, Ekoplekz and Kemper Norton.

But, as captivating as Spindle… was R.O.C. reveals a startling Mesmer-rising leap into the unknown – a thousand degrees of light and shade stretching forwards stepping sideways. Densely wrapped up to the point of unwinding, IX Tab processes electronica, folk, glitch, drone, mutating spoken word and noise and subtly refracts this through an early 90’s scanner darkly – rave, ambient and even hints of 4th world trance (Transglobal Underground, Loop Guru) skewing everything into a teeming world of microscopically shifting texture. The unwavering spell, of course, is the eternal commitment to the magickal vistas opened up through Coil’s sidereal vision.

IX Tab’s soundworld is uniquely its own though and R.O.C. continually reveals beguilingly beautiful surprises. So, despite the manifold density of its layers, there are textures of wide-eyed, almost child-like innocence – a lysergic naivety that could almost make this music for children (of the stones) (on I M Wh U Mk Ov M for instance) or moments of mutant meditational new-age drift as found on St James & the 28 Pieces.

IX Tab’s universe spills out beyond sound into 2nd Fade’s artwork and a 16 page booklet overladen with esoteric ephemera running through everything from Descartes through the Monmouth rebellion of 1685 to Jung, Stockhausen and Kevin Ayers.  This is a world that is unique, uplifting and unquantifiable and Exotic Pylon is honoured to present it to the wider world.

As a great man once said “Why be bleak when you can be Blake”

IX Tab Blog can be found here…

New Release: EP41 Portia Winters – epicotyl

EP51 Epicotyl Red

Releases 21st November 2014 on CD with booklet and download.

Buy from Greedbag here.

An extraordinary voice only truly becomes so if utilised in an extraordinary fashion.  I first came across Portia Winters performing in a basement somewhere sometime what feels like… a long time ago. Cradling a strange minimal set-up this unassuming girl in the corner gently ushered in a nursery rhyme-like lament before suddenly letting-rip smashing a black hole into the room and blasting the world into a new oblique angle. That song appears here as I Won’t Be There.

epicotyl is the debut album from Portia Winters and as such brings the long opening chapter of this story to a culmination with all channels wide-open. Portia has summoned up a set of songs that pivot sound not just as aural sensation but also as physicality and gesture. Sculpting ideas through experience epicotyl is shattering music stitched from micro-fragments of herself. Intimate with almost insectoid backing, Portia’s voice is both instrument of expression and source of instrument being deployed as texture for most of the beats and riffs alongside contact mic’d mbira, analogue modular synth, piano, and guitar amongst others.

The songs on epicotyl are all derived from overlapping threads of emotional and sensory experience sometimes calm and sometimes violent but always reaching for something… higher. Moments are pulled together into story as the purely physical becomes soundwave. Interior sonic shapes are twisted and inverted into songs as Portia’s re-manipulated and live voice takes centre stage of each creation.Each song is like a photograph of a singular isolated moment where breath, voice, electronics and instruments have over-ridden the static silence to reanimate the frozen fragment.

In epicotyl Portia translates the sensations of the skin, the pin point-able moments that spear into the belly and push and pull at life’s coordinates.  She builds texture, sculpts sound and takes as inspiration techniques used in electroacoustic music and musique concréte, referencing ideas but untethered by baggage. The end result is a unique universe – a singular fusion that sits at the hinterland where Bjork’s Medulla and Mica Levi’s soundtrack to Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin never met. It’s also a great pop album and you’ll wonder how you got by without it.

Exotik Pylon Radio Show – 070714


Lighting bolt invitation and we’re back on air on glorious Resonance FM. I’ll admit to not being satisfied with recent radio forays, looking to recapture a bit of past magic so slightly enslaved knackered not able to move on or if not on then at least sideways. I said yes this time as the time slot was good (Exotik Pylon only works at night) and I had an immediately strong intuition for ideas. I only have my intuition to trust and i had not time to assemble comrades for the openingi night so i just did it. Something clicked in advance – i’ve forced space for myself with a crumbling mind and found time to read and listen. SO, Inalnd Exotica – internal fantasyscapes – exotica is pure beautiful fabrication so we re-route into the life of the infinite Escher bodybrain. It worked. Upload link at this space within 48 hours.

Meantime. Playlist.

The Art of Noise – Donna (Into Battle With the Art of Noise)
Eduard Artemiev – Untitled (OST Solaris)
Creation Rebel – Section 3 (Starship Africa)
Nijiumu – Part 03 (Era Of Sad Wings)
Michael Stearns – As the Earth Kissed the Moon (excerpt) (I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age In America, 1950-1990)
Sublime Frequencies – Cremation Ceremony (Night Recordings from Bali)
Nino Nardini – Victoire dans l’espace (Musique Pour Le Futur)
The Present – Space Meadow (The Way We Are)
Sylvester Anfang – Het Zilte Nat (Sylvester Anfang II)
Yello – Crash Dance (You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess)
Dolphins Into the Future – Observations Through The Halocline Of The Worlds Part I (The Music of Belief)
Nelson Riddle – Out of the Night (Sea of Dreams)
10-20 – Reed Bed (Magnet Marsh)
Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo – Space Reflex (Moon Gas)
Thomas Köner - Nieve Penitentes (Teimo)
Heart – Soul Of The Sea (Dreamboat Annie)

New Release: EP37 Time Attendant – Bloodhounds

EP37 Blood Hounds small

Releases 7th July 2014 on Vinyl and download.

Buy on Bandcamp here.

Haunted soil… Abstract electronic transmissions from A Field in England…

Set within a landscape of sugar beet factories, deep murky fishing ponds and nettle strewn country lanes, Bloodhounds is a sonic exploration of a childhood spent in the English countryside.

Time Attendant is Paul Snowdon, a painter and musician recovering from a rural Northern upbringing by eking out a liminal existence across South East London bunkers. Following on from the highly acclaimed Treacherous Orb EP (More Than Human) and from startling contributions on The Outer Church compilation (Front & Follow), Moon Wiring Club’s specially curated Down By The Silver Sea (Gecophonic), and an astonishing set in late 2013 (accompanying the silent film L’inferno (Helios Film version, 1911)) at the BFI in London, Exotic Pylon is slobberingly psyched to present Time Attendant’s debut album Bloodhounds which drops on vinyl and digital on July 7th 2014.

Continuing and expanding upon the strange strain of medieval acid (©Kek-w (Hacker Farm)) first explored on 2012’s debut 12” Tournaments Snowdon has pushed his highly original and peculiar vision into the strangest of corners collaging stuttering sine beats, lost in fog voices, surreal fanfares and sci-fi dub reverb around a minimal but endlessly flexible array of analogue boxes with just a modicum of digital post-production. This is genuinely Radiophonic – an unconscious misuse of equipment to paint inexpressible sound worlds, Snowdon being as influenced by contemporary electronica as he is by the secret history of electronics reared in academic laboratories from the early 20th century and onwards.

Like unearthing lost Brutalist architecture at a village fete, Time Attendant brings out the paradoxical pains and pleasures from an environment where the concepts of industrial and rural are rendered meaningless. Like the beautifully unique paintings that Snowdon creates Bloodhounds is the pinnacle of his sonic vision thus far – an earthbound sci-fi expose of the mud and stone beneath our feet.

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New Release: EP44 The Lowland Hundred – The Lowland Hundred

EP44 The Lowland Hundred

Released: June 16th 2014 on CD and Download.

Pre-order from Bandcamp here.

The Lowland Hundred is the third album from the Aberystwyth-based duo of Paul Newland and Tim Noble. It completes a loose trilogy of albums that conceptually explore a spectral and fading assortment of memories, landscapes and communities – a warm melancholia rooted around a psychogeographical exploration of the sublime and picturesque landscape of Mid Wales. With their extended, subtle and complex approach to song structures and Newland’s astonishing voice previous albums Under Cambrian Sky and Adit have drawn comparison to Talk Talk, Robert Wyatt and Kevin Ayers amongst others. The haunted middle-aged doubt of The Blue Nile seems just as relevant and the duo’s hugely affecting, impressionistic landscape-saturated sound links back to an older tradition of composers such as Debussy and Ravel.

Sometimes great art falls through the cracks though, and nobody hears. So Newland and Noble have retreated into the studio, deeper than ever before and have now re-emerged with The Lowland Hundred. And it is an unqualified exceptional monumental masterpiece. The Lowland Hundred is what happens when artists give up on worrying if their particular obsessions have a place left in the world and chase a vision down to its core regardless of the outcome.

The result then are these four fearless songscapes, in retrospect the logical outcome for the duo but initially shocking as to how far out The Lowland Hundred have drifted. Vast waves of analogue and digital noise and silence, field recordings and Foley work, piano and guitar all spun into a remarkable sonic novel – Proustian recall from fog, hills and ice sung out by Newland’s extraordinary siren tones. I can’t compare it to anything so I’m not even going to bother but atmospheric reference points might be the Tim Buckley’s Lorca and middle point between Scott Walker’s Climate of Hunter and Tilt matched to the radical inventiveness of Disco Inferno’s D.I. Go Pop. Yes it really is THAT good.

It’s impossible to say where this album belongs. It doesn’t belong to a scene or a movement or even a recognisable time and place (time and place disorientate wildly here). But it belongs to anybody who believes that the Song still has power, can still throw out new illuminations, colours and shadows. This is dense meditation that will live inside the listener for years to come.

The Lowland Hundred is the sound of joy, of heartbreak and of undaunted vision.

Vocals – Paul Newland
Additional Vocals – Alison Matthews
Everything Else – Tim Noble and/or Paul Newland

Produced By The Lowland Hundred
Mastered by Benge

Design By Stuart Thompson
Cover image and photographs by John Shelton

All Songs Written By Paul Newland and Tim Noble.

New Release: EP39 Isobel Ccircle~ – Fluttercage

EP37 Fluttercage small

Releases May 26th 2014 on CD and download.

Pre-order from Bandcamp here.

Exotic Pylon is proud to present Fluttercage, the debut album from Matt Bower and April Larson aka Isobel Ccircle~. Matt Bower (The Revenant Sea, Wizards Tell Lies) whose influences run the gamut from the Radiophonic Workshop to Pan Sonic via Tom Waits is Yorkshire-based whilst April Larson keeps Snakes and self-releases oneironautic CDr’s from her native Louisiana.

Looking through a pile of CDs. Stopped at one I saw only seconds before. Temporal distortion? Can’t recall the artist or title. Then it got dark but I could make out a figure on the roof of the tower block. Man or woman? Is that significant? Too much to think about. Tired.

Finally taped up the scissors. Put them to the back of the drawer and went to bed, but couldn’t sleep. Took the scissors out of the drawer again, snuck downstairs to the bins. Opened up a black bag, put the scissors in, tied it up again – really tight. Managed to get to sleep after a while as I couldn’t hear the scissors so well.

The bathroom. Turned off the light as I entered. Spheres bulged out of the walls. Perhaps bulged isn’t the right word. Colder, more metallic. Put my ear to the floor and I could hear everything all the way down. Creaking, breathing, scuttling. Must have been there 45 minutes, an hour. What do they keep in the basement?

She slammed her hand down on the phone, cutting me off from the emergency services and the world outside. “What are you doing?” she shrieked. Laughter from the living room. I could only look at her in horror. Why did she do that? Why didn’t she understand? That facial expression. Never seen it before. Not on her face. Where do I remember it from? Having trouble keeping these thoughts in order.

I have to go now. Isobel is waiting.

Text by Joseph Stannard (The Outer Church)

New Release: EP15/18/23 Joseph Nanner – Atmospheric Slow Jams for the Pilots / New Star Broadcasting


DROPPING June 6th as limited double cassette pack or as 2 individual digital mini albums here and here

Joseph Nanner’s primary liaison is a seemingly normal man named Owen who is currently living in the Midgar of our modern world: New York City. Exotik Pylon is absolutely overjoyed to be presenting Owen’s debut release under the Nanner nom de plume – two extraordinarily turbo-textured Technicolor mini albums available as a cassette double-pack and separate downloads.

Atmospheric Slow Jams for the Pilots and New Star Broadcasting are companion pieces inhabiting a neon dreamworld – a blissfully captivating overload of kinetic-vignettes orbiting a future Earth were the advent of space travel fulfils all the neuromantic visions of Sci-Fi Anime.

Crash-landing on the dancefloor, Joseph Nanner throws a cartoon-techno galactic narrative around fizzing beats and raw drum-machines, gargantuan synths, interruptions from Japanese pop radio and woozy space ambience all wrapped around a stripped-down architecture parallel to travellers like Hype Williams, Zomby and Dam Funk.

Simplicity is the key here. And TUNES. These sometimes rapid-fire/ sometimes sleepy constellations are absolutely saturated in melody as hooks erupt like flares and fly at an extraordinary rate, appearing and disappearing in the blink of an ear. From the first second you’re instantly teleported to a hyper-real zone of Wormholes, Hyper Gate Guardians, Creepy Night Flights and Aqualounge’s. These are Manga rocket-ships in a bottle.  Joseph Nanner is about why and how we explore synthetic worlds, and what they mean. Joseph Nanner is about creating huge worlds but only giving small glimpses of them at a time

Acclaimed artist Joey Holder has produced a video for Neon Runway which we will be releasing shortly. Atmospheric Slow Jams for the Pilots and New Star Broadcasting were mastered by Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique).


New Release: EP32 Ekin Fil – Reds

EP32 Reds

Releases March 10th 2014.

Buy limited edition Mini CD in DVD Case.


Ekin Üzeltüzenci reconfigures the disorientating psychogeography of her native Turkey  into space-blasted songs that are as deeply haunting as they are out of reach.

Utilising abrasive over-powered organ, electronics, synths, guitars and drenching everything in a milky way of dense enveloping reverb Ekin’s own presence is as charismatic as it is slippery – a voice calling out from thousands of miles away dissolving and vanishing – a wraith-like hallucination.

Following highly acclaimed releases on Root Strata and Students of Decay and working in a similar twilight zone to Jessica Baliff and Grouper, Reds represents a further broadening of Ekin Fil’s sound as contained bursts of noise strain through the shadows. Imagine Eraserhead taking place on Solaris with Fats Waller’s Wurlitzer and the girl in the radiator drifting from one dead satellite to another…

These lost transmissions are most evidenced on Uranus and North where gravity is completely sucked away exposing a future-blues Kosmische whereas Long Still, Minus and Silence Repeats are (marginally) more earthbound as the ghosts of emotions wander the midnight-blue back streets of Istanbul.

Reds is psychedelia cast adrift from the chord and Exotik Pylon is honoured to present a small portal into Ekin’s captivating and beautifully strange world.


Reds was written, played and produced by Ekin Fil except for the lyrics on Silence Repeats which were written by Mesut Kondu. The EP was mastered by Mark Beazley and the artwork was by Ümit Kurt from images by Emre Aksoy.

New Release: EP25 The Lord – Gettin’ Off the Meths

EP25 The Lord

Pre-order CDr in knitted handmade bag.
Drops March 31st 2014.

this can be paid by any method you like but I prefer time travel…

The Lord is Paul Mill from West Yorkshire. Gettin’ Off the Meths snuck out a couple of years ago and we’re properly psyched to be reissuing this crazy cave of a debut as the follow up to 2011’s Jesuit Trifle Syndrome and the acclaimed contribution to Front & Follow’s Collision/Detection series from 2012-13.

The Lord lives in a sonic landscape that is just right out there – a splattered planet of unravelling junk noise, found sound and angular looping chaos. I once thought I had read that The Lord sounded like Bobby McFerrin in a bin which is great but it’s only one fragment of a cracked galaxy. This is an absurdist liminal zone where repetition slips its own net and remakes itself in front of your very ears.

So, When I Was a Girl trips over a stuttering doo wop deep well and crashes through an exploding carnival of frazzled rockets, rapid spinning top noise and dumb horror bass. The Court of Dr Flimsy for instance sounds like a battered troupe of minstrels stumbling upon several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict. There is an interesting social message… is a gargantuan collapse of found noise, vocal hallucinations, spiked fireworks and Sunset for Alice plays sinister games with vague reverberations, strange strings and an escalating sense of quietly gathering tension.

But inside of the chaos there’s a strange sophistication and a subtle hypnosis – a mesmerising world strewn with its reality bends and folding time. It’s a Surrealist paradise and an illogical nightmare.

Gettin’ Off the Meths comes in a very limited handmade knitted bag cut from socks, towels, dressing gowns etc. It’s not like anything else really but why would you want that anyway?

New Release: EP24 Madden / Dylewski – Works on Foil

Available only as ULTRA limited SD Card in foil bag from here.

Dylewski has produced a trailer which collapses excerpts from the whole project (click the link for full effect)…


Exotic Pylon is truly proud to present Works on Foil, 5 extraordinary explorations of visceral hypnosis…

“Halfway through making the audio for this release I realised my next-door neighbour was Steven Mallinder form Cabaret Voltaire. I took it as a sign from the godhead and decided to press on with the abstract. I invited him in one night as I was making the track called Strip. To make the audio I was holding a metal spatula which had 2 x guitar pickups stuck to it magnetically. I used this like an electromagnetic wand to sweep up and down a flickering strip-light (have you ever tried to make a strip-light flicker? You know, like you see in subways in bad 80′s post-apocalyptic films? Well I have, and it’s fucking tricky…).  Steve said it was like nothing he had ever heard. I liked that coming from him. Bartosz makes visuals like nothing I have ever seen. I like that coming from him.”
Caleb Madden, October 2013

Bartosz Dylewski is a Polish Born Visual Artist/Programmer and graduate of The National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz. Influenced by early 20th Century abstract art (Dada, Constructivism, Vorticism, The Stijl and Bauhaus) alongside early Computer Art (Bell Labs, Stan Vanderbeek, BELFIX), Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine and recent accelerated audio-visual work by the likes of Alva Noto and Ryoji Ikeda he has developed a rich, powerful and mesmerizingly individual aesthetic glitching images audio feeds from live performances.

As Terror Wogan, Caleb Madden has been working with extreme Processing for a while now.  The musical component of Works on Foil was generated from steel sheets, LED scrolling badges, liberated guitar pickups, a spatula, our aforementioned strip-light and a broken CD player playing CD’s glued with tin foil (“I know there is nothing new or clever about glitching CD’s, but … the satisfaction when you give yourself up to glitch entirely, no editing at all just let it play until it dies….its a magical thing when it works…”).

Works on Foil arose from a series of dialogues between the duo concerning current audio-visual hierarchies and their desire to collapse their specific practices into each other.  These 5 pieces are presented as wholly integrated multi-media transmissions (these are NOT music videos) on a limited edition foil-packaged SD card with the specific intention of usefully trashing your perceptual abilities.

“This is meant to be played loud, not just on your PC speakers accompanying the visuals. No. LOUD. With Subs. And get a projector and beam it onto your wall, lie down, or stand up, but please take it as it was meant to be taken, like drugs, hard drugs.”