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Introducing Exotic Pylon Records Australia

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Yes Jebediah are starting a record label.

Jebediah (who are still happily part of the murmur / Sony family and will be for years to come) and their management, Naked Ape Management, are pleased to announce the birth of a brand new independent label called Redline Records Australia.

Exotic Pylon Records was an idea that was brought into existence by three major catalysts. Firstly, we think independent music rocks and is here to stay. Secondly, we were all amazed at the fantastic and talented calibre of bands that Jebediah keep discovering on their travels outside Australia, that have no releases in Australia. The third point was the vast array of talent be it indie rock, electronic, punk rock, dance, polka that is springing from all parts of Australia that simply goes unnoticed.

Exotic’s target audience is anyone who loves great music. Kevin Mitchell (Jebediah) says, “I think we are all excited to be able to stand behind music we love and get as many people as we can to listen to it”.

The labels first release is Big Heavy Stuff’s single “Two Sisters” arriving instore February 12th. To follow is Adam Said Galore’s debut LP The Driver is Red instore March 5th and to finish the first round of releases, the long awaited album from Big Heavy Stuff, Size of the Ocean instore March 19th. You will find Redline releases distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Shock Records.

Being the strange time that it is in the record industry one would be tempted to ask, ARE WE CRAZY? NO WAY! We will be marketing records aggressively and intelligently, releasing only quality product, we have a good depth and knowledge about the market and we will be combining local knowledge with an international focus.

“We feel that with the many changes taking place in the marketplace now is a great time for independent music. Major labels seem to be concentrating more and more on mainstream pop artists, and while the internet seems to be a real concern for the majors we feel it really opens up things in the market that Redline will be targeting,” says Heath Bradby (Company Director).

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