Exotic Pylon Records Australia

Introducing Exotic Pylon Records Australia

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Yes Jebediah are starting a record label.

Jebediah (who are still happily part of the murmur / Sony family and will be for years to come) and their management, Naked Ape Management, are pleased to announce the birth of a brand new independent label called Redline Records Australia.

Exotic Pylon Records was an idea that was brought into existence by three major catalysts. Firstly, we think independent music rocks and is here to stay. Secondly, we were all amazed at the fantastic and talented calibre of bands that Jebediah keep discovering on their travels outside Australia, that have no releases in Australia. The third point was the vast array of talent be it indie rock, electronic, punk rock, dance, polka that is springing from all parts of Australia that simply goes unnoticed.

Exotic’s target audience is anyone who loves great music. Kevin Mitchell (Jebediah) says, “I think we are all excited to be able to stand behind music we love and get as many people as we can to listen to it”.

The labels first release is Big Heavy Stuff’s single “Two Sisters” arriving instore February 12th. To follow is Adam Said Galore’s debut LP The Driver is Red instore March 5th and to finish the first round of releases, the long awaited album from Big Heavy Stuff, Size of the Ocean instore March 19th. You will find Redline releases distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Shock Records.

Being the strange time that it is in the record industry one would be tempted to ask, ARE WE CRAZY? NO WAY! We will be marketing records aggressively and intelligently, releasing only quality product, we have a good depth and knowledge about the market and we will be combining local knowledge with an international focus.

“We feel that with the many changes taking place in the marketplace now is a great time for independent music. Major labels seem to be concentrating more and more on mainstream pop artists, and while the internet seems to be a real concern for the majors we feel it really opens up things in the market that Redline will be targeting,” says Heath Bradby (Company Director).

Record Players for the Best Listening Experience: A Short Guide

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Through the past few years, a couple of new media formats have been introduced to the public to enhance the manner by which music is created and heard. Yet, the old vinyl record format remains alive, and there are several compelling reasons why that is so. Vinyl records produce sound that is uniquely its own, and lots of music lovers swear by its excellent audio quality. Regardless if you are a beginner or a long time audiophile, this record player buying guide will help you get the best listening experience from vinyls.

Through the decades, how much has the technology evolved?

Long story short, not a lot actually (after the 1970s, at least). Ty Mattheu, the Product Development Director at Crosley Radio, says that motors did improved though, so the sound is now more stable. Also, new materials are now used for parts, just like carbon fiber which is used on arms to minimize the wear and tear of vinyls. Meanwhile, Audio-Technica’s Scott Shaw believes that the most significant evolution of record players is the capability to connect to devices with USB ports. Such feature lets people digitize their vinyl stash without losing the audio quality. This allows people to have copies of their vinyl records on their other gadgets, like on smartphones and tablets.

What types of vinyl records do you have (or intend to have and play)?

Shaw explains that vinyl records are categorized into one of three kinds, namely 33 1/3s, 45s and 78s. The numbers denote how long it takes the record to spin, or in other words, the revolutions per minute (RPM). These days, most turntables or record players are capable of playing all three kinds of vinyls. But some still can’t, so refer to specifications charts (like the one at Random Life Music) just to be sure.

Which turntable will suit you best?

Record players come in all sizes, shapes and combinations of features. Mattheu says that there are those that come with an amplifier and speakers, while some need to connect to an external stereo setup. Stereo speakers are usually bigger and has superior sound quality, but turntables with integrated speakers are nonetheless satisfactory. Record players may also be made out of various materials, like wood and plastic. Wood is a shock absorbent and is naturally acoustic, so it will make your songs sound richer and warmer. Plastic, on the other hand, doesn’t sound as good, but it is light-weight and therefore portable. If you feel overwhelmed by these features, just get the turntable that suits your purpose very well.

Hobart Chamber Music Network

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Welcome to the Hobart Chamber Music Network

This is a free service established for the purpose of linking performers and audiences and building enthusiasm for chamber music performance in the community.If you would like to advertise a chamber music concert on this website please provide an electronic copy of your brochure as a jpeg file, other photographs, biographies, program notes and other information that would be interesting to potential audiences.  In particular, notes on historical context of works, the composer’s life situation, and other interesting cultural context would be welcome.If you have any suggestions for use of this web site please use the contact page.Your attention is also drawn to the  Private Functions page. You are welcome to advertise your group’s availability to do gig work.


Pop-up concerts

You are invited to consider participating in the Hobart Chamber Music Network’s initiative of presenting short FREE chamber music concerts – “pop-up” concerts.The concept is to present a “taster” concert of no more than 1 hours’ duration – a movement or two of larger works presented as an informal audience experience.In conjunction with your other publicity activities you might also consider offering the audience of a “pop-up” concert a special voucher offering 2 tickets for the price of 1 at your ensemble’s full concert program.The possibilities are limitless – it’s up to your imagination.


CHAMBER MUSIC at private functions

If you would like to advertise your chamber music group’s availability to play at private functions please contact me with the details including biographies, photographs and any other information that you would like posted on this site.This is a free service aimed to promoting chamber music performance in the community.


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Screens are very much a part of everybody’s everyday life. From the TV to Smart Phones and computers, people spend a lot of their life looking at screens. Most Venues have TV’s on
their walls to fill the “social gaps” for people on a night out but most often they are just background “noise” with little thought as to what is on them.

Just as video attracts and retains an audience, so to do venues need to attract patrons and keep them in the venue for the night. Once venue only channels like sky sports attracted
patrons to Venues, but the later wide availability of sky sports on Foxtel pretty much ended that.

Venues need to look at TV entertainment that is unique and tailored specifically to venues and the particular viewing needs of people in the venue environment. Video and venues
can work together to retain an audience of patrons throughout the night.

A small number of venues have already recognised this need and try to provide something similar themselves in amongst a busy schedule often including live Entertainment. Lets
face it: you are in the business of running a venue, we are the skilled professionals that can provide unique video content your patrons will not be able to simply switch on at home
(they will need to come to your venue to see it). For a simple monthly fee let us do what we do best and work with you in partnership to give your patrons the best nights out.